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I’m think Lola might be turning into one of those hipster babies you read about. Seriously. The vintage baby-grows were the first hint. Also I’ve been trying to get into Animal Collective for about eight years now to no avail. She hears them on my iPod for ten seconds and she’s nodding along and playing air sampler or whatever. Now she’s enrolled in a crèche right next door to, well, I’m not going to say which bar. But if she starts hanging out with Maser, that’s the last straw. Now I don’t know a lot about hipster babies. Having given the matter some thought, however, I reckon my best shot, if I want her to still hang out with me and not be embarrassed, might be to go the ironic, such-a-lame-uncle-he’s-a-cool-uncle route. Hey, if it works, it works. Certainly my chances of being her cool uncle Eoin have long since vanished down the crapper.

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January 6th, 2010.


  1. brendan Says:

    Didn’t you once write something in Mongerel about trendy babies and the Celtic Tiger? This is going back a while now???

  2. Andreas Says:

    Animal Collective schmanimal schmollective. I’ve finally decided their basically a kings new clothes style rouse, engineered by Pitchfork et al. We can all relax – They’re actually shite.

  3. Eoin Says:

    @ Brendan – don’t recall that specifically, but sounds like something I might have done!

    @ Andreas – you dare criticise Pitchfork? 50,000 nerds can’t be wrong.

  4. albincus Says:

    my 1 year old nephew’s also a hipster..he owns a red ukulele (admittedly i bought it for him). the animal collective song ‘the purple bottle’ from the feels album is stupendous, as is ‘reverend green’ from strawberry jam..i wonder was it written with Al in mind

  5. Eoin Says:

    Well either Al or the game Cluedo I’d say.

    Incidentally Albinicus, have a look at the Slovakia thread. Willie Joe’s picture has been vandalised again. Sacrilege!

  6. Paddy Says:

    Looks like she’s itching for a scrap. Nothing like her uncle at all then!

  7. Eoin Says:

    Paddy, if you don’t want it shut on your behalf, shut your trap.

  8. albinicus Says:

    @Eoin..I saw it but I’m trying not to draw attention to it in case the Belmullet boys form a lynch mob

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