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No f***ing way!!

willie joe
I’m speechless. I’m not worthy. By any standards, I’m fucking embarrassed… Regular poster Albinicus writes:

Hi Eoin,

Once again Willie Joe was in my relatives house this Christmas. I couldn’t let the opportunity pass so I asked him to pose for this photo. I explained the background and all about your blog, he was really sound and saw the funny side of it. Apologies for the lame sign, in the excitement I rushed it. If it wasn’t so icy out I swear I was considering asking him out for a kick about!

All the best,

Albinicus, I can neither adequately convey my embarrassment or my sincere gratitude. This is not false modesty. I am not remotely fucking worthy. Willie Joe Padden was the greatest Mayo footballer I’ve ever seen. As a small boy on the terraces, with my father and my uncles, I wasn’t always tall enough to see what was happening on the pitch.

If my uncles cheered, it was logical to assume Mayo had scored a point. If they yelled at the tops of their voices, I assumed Mayo had scored a goal. That system worked pretty well, except when Willie Joe was on the pitch.

When he fielded the ball, especially when he was brought on as a sub in the latter stages of his career, I tended to assume Mayo had scored a point. When he scored a point, I would assume Mayo had scored a goal. When he scored a goal, well, I’d assume Mayo had somehow just been awarded the All Ireland championship mid-season.

The memory of his performance in the semi-final against Tyrone in 1989 is so seared into the popular consciousness in Mayo, that a lot of younger fans are under the impression that he played with a bloody bandage around his head in every game!

January 3rd, 2010.

13 Responses to “No f***ing way!!”

  1. massey Says:

    Even as a Roscommon man that’s pretty legendary!!

  2. han shan Says:

    Hot shit

  3. shane Says:

    Will Galway beat Mayo??

    Respect to Willy Joe.

  4. tj kilgallon Says:


  5. DD Says:

    Holy shit

  6. golden graham Says:

    Not if they have Willie Joe!

  7. albinicus Says:

    No worries Eoin. As I said he was really cool about it. As I was leaving he said ‘Let them know I am real’..legend

  8. Eoin Says:

    Thanks again Albinicus, still can’t believe it!

  9. Maire McD Says:

    A giant of a man. Fair play.

  10. Colin Says:

    Wow Willie Joe, the man, the legend, THE moustache.

  11. Denise Says:

    Just out of interest Albinicus, what do you think he meant by that?

  12. albincus Says:

    @ Denise, I reckon it was his way of saying he’s just a normal man and not some kind of mythical figment of peoples imaginations, which makes him even more of a legend

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