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Tripping Along The Ledge


Published: Its All Horse Trading, The Global Mail, October 2012

‘Once upon a time in the West…’

One positive legacy of Ireland’s recent, ill-fated economic boom is a dramatically expanded motorway network. Spilling out from Dublin, to a half dozen towns and cities on the southern and western seaboard, these pristine highways have slashed journey times to and from the capital, effectively shrinking the island.

Take a detour cross-country, though, and the pace of life remains less than hectic. It’s 10am in the sleepy Co. Galway village of Dunmore and I’ve run into a brick wall. Or to be precise, a horse’s arse. A horse trailer, towed by an elderly farmer, has reduced southbound traffic on the R328 to a leisurely 45kph.

In another setting, one might honk the horn and demand that the driver give way. But this is the west of Ireland, where just about anyone might be a cousin, long lost uncle or grandmother’s yoga instructor. So it pays not to be too demonstrative. Read the rest of this article.

October 21st, 2012.

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  1. anthony Says:

    I have an auntie who would beg to differ with you on where napoleons horse was bought,she was always going on about marengo being traded at cahermee fair outside buttevant.shes a nun so I doubt she’s lying.

  2. Deirdre Says:

    I’M SORRY.

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