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At the risk of stating the fucking obvious… 30 million for Berbatov and letting Tevez go to City? Definitely not the best hand of cards Ferguson has ever played.

January 20th, 2010.

6 Responses to “Oomph!”

  1. ciaran Says:

    Biggest waste of money ever Berbatof. Tevez is on seventeen goals in 26 games — statistics speaks for itself

  2. brendan Says:

    Still all to play for though, I don’t really care who wins but seeing that mug Neville getting some made me laugh, all teams would take Tevez, he’s everywhere , unlike the lanky spud reject.

  3. huss Says:

    United wanted to keep Tevez but money demands too high and had to go. Goals aside last night he was anonymous & Rooney was much more influential. Congrats to Neville for giving him stick.

  4. Engelburt Slapdeback Says:

    Can’t agree with that huss… I’m neutral here, but to call a striker that scores both a teams’ goals in a winning game anonymous…? he was the only city player pressing united for large parts of the game,

    really what notable footballing did neville do last night?

  5. Eoin Says:

    To me, Neville seems to be trying to ingratiate himself with United’s stupidest fans. Taunting Liverpool that time, going mad over that swimming pool stunt etc. etc.


    But for all the years he’s spent at the club, and all the success he’s enjoyed, he’s never really been adored by the fans the way Scholes, Giggs or Keano (still) are.

  6. Colin Says:

    I thought Man City looked lacklustre with the exception of two men. Tevez, who seemed to be the only constant in the City offence on the night, once he left the pitch that really was it for them.

    The other has to be Shay Given, who ensured the City win with a fine performance.

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