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It’s been a busy summer for Steve Appleton. Since last I blogged about him, the heartthrob purveyor of acoustic/funk/pop/light-hearted drum n’ base/yeah has tried his hand at music criticism, been offered a part in the hit television series 24 and, praise Jesus, finally recorded the follow up to the epoch making monster hit (in my head at least) Dirty Funk.

Meanwhile, those posts I wrote about him four months ago have continued to notch up an insanely prolific 30-40 hits per day (with comments) here and here

Oh, and his drummer Oliver “Ollie” Kitson, who is possibly related to the Queen, has even been in touch for a bit of an auld chinwag. About which more after the jump…

First up, the bad news. Appleton’s second single City Won’t Sleep, sadly, isn’t really a patch on his debut. The video finds the 20-year-old alone and subdued in Los Angeles, crudely fashioning a lyric sheet from a collection of trite lyric clippings he evidentially keeps stored in his rucksack.

Failing to complete the ditty to his satisfaction, he manfully concedes that he is a million miles away from any place, nay indeed any face, he’s ever known. It’s a touching admission of vulnerability from the brash young hunk. Thirty seconds later he’s piling into a convertible sports car to party the night away with three really hot women. Yip, that’s really how fast the Appletiser moves.

One life-changing jaunt through the bowls of the City of Angels later and the voice of his generation is finally ready to put the finishing touches to his latest opus, presumably penning the unforgettably profound (albeit possibly Status Quo-influenced) payoff line “Come on, come on / I’ve been rockin’ all over the world”.

Meanwhile, about a fortnight ago, Appleton’s drummer Oliver “Ollie” Kitson got in touch to register his disapproval about this article he found posted on my blog. Claiming, semi-truthfully, that the piece wasn’t my work (this part is true), and that I rather enjoy Appleton’s music myself (this part… not so much), I asked if team Appleton had any plans to visit Ireland anytime soon. “No plans at the moment” Kitson revealed. Then, in a telling insight into how the Appleton juggernaut rolls, he continues: “But I have no idea what he’s planning, I’m just a hired gun, I get told where to be, turn up, and play!”

“If I hear anything though, you’ll be the first to know.”

Fucking hell. Watch this space, people.

August 7th, 2009.


  1. Andreas Says:

    You could not make this shit up.Eoin Butler on Steve Appleton is easily the best thing about the internet right now.

  2. kev Says:

    I blame him for the recession.

  3. Colin Says:

    Interesting to see some insight as to how he comes up with his.. eh, simple lyrics. Get an impossibly styled haircut, grab guitar, post-its and check into cheap LA motel. Later pimp yer ass on the streets to 3 coke-head girls.

    AS for his role in ’24’, more than likely it’s as “Tosser #1” who gets shot continuously by “Henchman #3”. Clever director living the dream.

  4. Colin Says:

    PS. If you google “Steve Appleton” you are in the top 10 hits. When a fan sees “STEVE APPLETON: EMBLEMATICALLY, TRANSCENDENTALLY SHIT?” as the headline, it’s got to grab attention.

  5. Eoin Says:

    @ Andreas – better than porn???

    @ “kev” – who, me or the appletiser?

  6. kev Says:

    @ Eoin – The Appletiser of course!

    But seriously, his first 2 tunes have only whet my appletite for more.Rock out!

  7. Andreas Says:

    They have porn on computers now?

  8. mary-jane Says:

    i heard his music on tv this morning, thought he was decent, googled him while bored, fell upon your article and fell completely off my chair in a fit of laughter, you are AMAZING. poor boy his probably crushed! but still you are my new hero! <3

  9. Eoin Says:

    Wow, thanks Mary Jane. Just watched the video again there. It’s a bit of a leap to go from “I’m alive” to “I’m going to single-handedly keep 20 million people from falling asleep tonight”, isn’t it?

  10. Maria Says:

    i hate you i love the appleton!

  11. Leah + Boten Says:

    that is one sexyyy pictureeee at the top,, where did you get it from??
    i love the appleton too <3

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