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May 15th, 2009.

9 Responses to “SONGS OF PRAISE: SINNERMAN (1965)”

  1. dry urbanity IS AN AGRAM AWQaidan scanlom z JESUS LEMME ALONE Says:

    hi eoin i really want you to shiow then how its dunnat en like i could haveoue r zeitgysys balss NO HEART SO TRUE ,well i wouldve liked tom mcgurk as well,im delighted to see this blog again,oneftroad..could you please find the blacks in the jacks article i never read it and imagine i wouldve liked it.this oftroad and everyone else is how you conduct an interview.tubridy is a sweat and all the dry urbanity (yah!)in the world cant hide it,hes mysoginistic too,and i like lesbians.tubridy had david attenborough on and balked when d.a says ands ethes is hiw it i swhe you talking to a gorilla.am only after they all know baz luhrman .i think the nwq u2 is excellent “a cmon Eooin write

  2. waj Says:

    ahnm baz ahm 3.29 best hup!

  3. baz dan clancy ahm pPat Says:

    a cmon Eooin write.ah dont botyer and the ipnadress

    killers ftw tanks look upo garry shandling letterman or interview wut crraig ferguson not as good i ahm letterman shandling ah i wish i was dead!

  4. baz dan clancy ahm pPat Says:

    nooo heart sio true

  5. finneganz wayke ccohulombofalkeeeee Says:


  6. Matt Says:

    I just wish to associate myself with the previous comments. You speak for us all, Crazy Drunk Person.

  7. Eoin Says:

    Okay, I’m seriously offering a cash prize (€1) for whoever comes up with the best explanation for what that first comment means.

  8. christy Says:

    I think the guy is sayin-eoin, i really want to show you how it’s done. You have zeitgeisty balls. I would have liked Tom McGuirk as well (?) I’d like to see how this blog fares off road. I have never read blacks in jacks article (?) but I imagine I’d have rather enjoyed it. Tubrity has a persperation problem. I like lesbians.

    One euro please!

  9. sean Says:

    Woman @ 1.21 not nina simone

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