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Tripping Along The Ledge



June 8th, 2009.

4 Responses to “THE DOLPHINS (1968)”

  1. El Kid Says:

    Only in the Sixties could someone have thought rhat “I only know that peace will come when all hate is gone” was a profound statement to make.

    That said, excellent video + song

  2. Conal Says:

    I donno, like the previous line is “I’m not the one to tell this old world how to get along” is almost a reaction to the counter culture mantra of the time, like he’s saying look all this make love not war jazz is fine, I just dont know how to convince people of that… In the meantime if you see any dolphins – tell them I want my money.
    Possibly not.

  3. Eoin Says:

    Hmm… On the one hand, yes, that line does show that he is aware he hasn’t any answers himself. Maybe he should have sang “I’m not the world to tell the world how to get along…” – bang, end of song. “Now for my next number, this one’s called Lick My Love Pump!”

    Or what have you…

  4. El Kid Says:

    The other unexplored question is why he’s even bothering to look for dolphins in the sea. Dingle is where its at.

    Wikianswers: What is the average lifespan of a dolphin? A bottle-nose dolphin’s life span is 20 years or less.

    Dingle Tourist Board: In 1984, a young bottle-nosed dolphin started to appear at the mouth of Dingle Harbour…. Boat trips to see Fungi leave from the top of the pier in Dingle Town. There is a money back guarantee if our friend fails to appear, but don’t worry as this guarantee has never had to be paid out!

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