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The Tayto Years

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This week, I’ve been inveigled into writing on the topic ‘Food Memories of the 1980s’. It’s kind of a tall order, given that I was only a small boy during that decade. It was all a blur of penny sweets and Subbuteo as far as I can recall .

Go on, they said. There must be a few special Eighties food memories that stick out… Well, there was that time Duran Duran dropped by my house and we ate Rice Krispie Buns and played Space Invaders together.

Really, they gasped? No, of course not. Read the rest of this article here.

February 1st, 2011.

3 Responses to “The Tayto Years”

  1. Alibinicus Says:

    I could never fathom the home & away thing either. My mind boggled (and still continues to boggle) that people could order these glorious burgers, take one bite, and then leave for some spurious reason, abandoning the burger! Not only would the building have to be on fire but I personally would have to be engulfed in flames before that would ever happen to me.

  2. Tony S. Says:

    I think in all my time spent parenting after a fashion, the only time I truly impressed my kid was when I happened to mention that I first ate in a pizzeria when I was 20!

    At the risk of sounding like the one of the Python’s Four Yorkshiremen, the 80s sounds like heaven when compared to 70s Ireland … well, at least the pubs were decent …

  3. Ali Says:

    My mam used to let me drink coffee in the mornings which was cool. On the down side we used to have tinned Irish stew quite regularly. And I once ate so many Mr Freezes I got a severe dose of the shits. I don’t really have any good culinary memories of the ’80s.

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