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*agriculture themed Electric Picnic edition

Q: What do you call a cow with two legs?A: Eileen.

September 3rd, 2009.

18 Responses to “THIS IS FUNNY*”

  1. Wheelchair Ninja Says:

    Well this fella seems to be getting on grand with 2 legs.No leaning at all.
    Now, if he had no legs at all, then he’d be ground beef.

  2. El Kid Says:

    What time you heading down tomorrow Butler? By the way, you know Stradbally isn’t a farm so dunno what the fuck the cow connection is about….

  3. Eoin Says:

    @ El Kid – Actually, family that own Stradbally are Protestants and one of the best known cattle breeding families in Ireland. I’ve an uncle a big cow farmer and he runs into them a lot at cattle conferences etc. How typical of you to weigh in on a topic you clearly know nothing about.

  4. Conal Says:

    strange how your uncles christian denomination is not worthy of comment there

  5. El Kid Says:

    Haha, you’re so full of shit. Nice try though… cattle conferances and all!

    Seeya down there at some stage anyway, I’m hittin the sack.

  6. Eoin Says:

    For your information, my uncle Jimmy John Joe is a pretty big hitter in cow circles.

  7. Conal Says:

    Q: What do you call a donkey with 3 legs?

    A: a wonkey

  8. ContraryMary Says:

    Whata call a donkey with 1 leg?

    A plonkey

  9. Rob Says:

    What do you call a donkey with a three legs and a guitar?

    A honky tonky wonkey donkey.

  10. Eoin Says:

    Yip, it’s a pretty rich vein of comedy we hit on there lads. Just had a shower. Holy Mary mother of God, it’s so cold I had to get under the duvet again to dry myself. And I’m thinking, tonight is the night I choose to go sleep in a field…..

  11. Darragh Says:

    if you see someone who looks like me drooling spit, with diluted pupils…avoid. Its my twin.

  12. Darragh Says:

    *ahem* ‘dilated’ pupils. Though they will probably be diluted as well

  13. Eoin Says:

    Saw this comment on my phone and literally about ten seconds later I saw your brother standing outside a tent with some girl in a headlock…

  14. Colin Says:

    If I know my Hollywood movies they’re now either going out with each other or Darragh is forming a cunning prison break plan for his brother.

  15. Darragh Says:

    It will be two to three days until he deems himself in recovered enough ‘form’ to tell me what went on down there. Haven’t hard from his attorney yet so I’ll guess it’s the former Colin.

  16. El Kid Says:

    Going out with each other? Well I won’t say I didn’t always suspect something Butler, I’m in surprised nonetheless…

  17. Eoin Says:

    Let’s just say… If anyone knows how to rig it so that Colin’s posts have to be approved by me first could they please let me know?


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