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The debut album drops late Fall ’09. But Tom O’C already sounds the finished product to me… The only snag is, I think this guy might actually be serious. More Tom O’C here.

With thanks to Mark O’C!

September 18th, 2009.

26 Responses to “THIS IS FUNNY”

  1. fintan mezz Says:

    Too good to be true. He can’t possibly be serious!!

  2. enda Says:

    Oh dear god,,,,,,, those photos in the video are priceless, is that a water gun he’s holding in one shot!

  3. Eoin Says:

    It’s a toy gun Enda, notice he didn’t even bother removing the red tip from the muzzle. (Always attached to prevent toy being used as imitation firearm in an attempted robbery or, y’know… botched hip hop video.)

  4. El Kid Says:

    Dear god, someone seriously needs to put that kid out of his misery….

  5. Dan Says:

    Well that’s a killer intro right there…

  6. tomoconor Says:

    U probaly look like caster semenya. dont hate da playa baby

  7. El Kid Says:

    What about sniggering at da playa? Where do we stand on that?

  8. Paul Says:

    Have a look at this one:


    “Mah pink tie looks SWEET….”

  9. Eoin Says:

    It’s the second top story on Reddit now…

  10. han shan Says:

    He’s gone international… ha!

  11. Eoin Says:

    I blocked a couple of posts on here, but man are they ever letting this kid have it on YouTube. Poor guy.

  12. Colin Says:

    All is forgiven, come back Steve Appleton !

    Worse than the Cork rappers.

  13. JohnnyComeLately Says:

    Surprised ye haven’t heard of such a magnificent Gee-Bag before long been a thorn in ppls side.

  14. Pluck Says:

    whoa coli boi..wont hav no bad word said against no cork rappers-check this shit out.


    1st guy-dutch gold kid even references eoins friend here fr fortune.the rest are piss poor in fairness tho they go keen at the wee for this mickey gatch on youtube.

    (this from a kerry man and all in the wkend that in it)


  15. Eoin Says:

    Not sure whether it’s just cos I can’t help comparing ’em to Tom O’C here, but those Cork rappers seem pretty decent.

    Fair play to them, they’re not bad at all…

  16. Colin Says:

    Well I said Tom O’C was worse than the Cork Rappers.

    And let us not forget that one of those rappers (GMC) helped get a man voted to Europe.


    Don’t make the wrong choice, Vote Alan Kelly, Munster needs a strong voice, Vote Alan Kelly !

  17. Eoin Says:

    Doesn’t seem that bad either in the context. I think what Brian Lenihan needs to do this year is invite Tom O’C into the Dail to perform and then, immediately afterwards, deliver his budget.

    That way the public would think “Wow, compared to Tom O’C, this budget really isn’t that bad!”

  18. Conal Says:

    How autotune should be done:

  19. JohnnyComeLately Says:

    Due to popular demand it seems, tribute acts have already formed.

    1st cover version here–You cant top the original though.

  20. anthony Says:

    could it be possible that ireland is at the forefront of a new wave of hip-hop?check out tipperarys finest in the hizz-house
    I am sure some people were laughing at grandmaster flash and the sugarhill gang too

  21. Eoin Says:

    Jaysus, he doesn’t sell himself short anyway. “Cian Morris is a diversity…” (Huh?) “He has blessed ears loved hearts and kissed lips in prague, Glasgow, liverpool, london, ireland, glastenburry08 (sic) and electric picnic-08 the stage loves cian and he loves the stage…”

    Is he popular in Tipp?

  22. anthony Says:

    I am kinda out of the loop as far as what the kids around nanagh are into these days, in fairness to him he takes a good slagging

  23. Eoin Says:

    Anto – you should dust off your Hammer-time moves and go on tour with him!

  24. anthony Says:

    the parachute pants are a much snugger fit these days

  25. Colin Says:

    “the parachute pants are a much snugger fit these days”

    Going to be haunted by that image next few days.

  26. JohnnyComeLately Says:

    Does anyone know yet who was responsible for this violation of my aural cavity?

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