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Tripping Along The Ledge



A penguin walks into a bar, and says to the barman, “My brother was in here earlier, did you see him?” The barman replies, “I don’t know. What does he look like?”

[P.S. While searching for images I came across this story, which I found oddly amusing.]

October 13th, 2009.

3 Responses to “THIS IS FUNNY”

  1. GOBARDHUN Bhardwaj Says:

    an old lady was walking along the road ,followed by three donkeys.one man on seeing this tried to make fun of the lady by saying
    the lady replied

  2. Eoin Says:

    Ah, is there more?

  3. Brian Blom Says:

    Penguin’s car started acting up and took it to the garage. The mechanic said he would look at it but it would be 30 minutes. The penquin said “fine, I’ll waddle over to the ice cream shop”. There, he ordered a cone but his flippers aren’t really made for hanging on to ice cream cones so he made a real mess of him self.

    The penquin finished up and waddled back to the garage and the mechanic side “looks like you blew a seal” and the penquin replied “No, it’s just ice cream”.

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