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history of glue
Just finished reading a book today called The History of Glue…

(Okay… before I reveal the punchline, some of you have to try guessing it!)

January 10th, 2010.

14 Responses to “THIS IS FUNNY”

  1. massey Says:

    But I’m stuck on the first chapter.

  2. Andrew Says:

    I was glued to it from start to finish.

    That’s crap, it had better not be the punchline.

  3. Eoin Says:

    @ Andrew – not correct, but not a bad guess.

    @ Massey – I’ve just finished the book so… no.

  4. Darragh Says:

    It was unputdownable?

  5. Alma Says:

    I couldn’t put it down?

  6. Eoin Says:

    Two very good answers… but will they be correct?

  7. fintan mezz Says:

    And now I’m addicted to sniffing it.

  8. Dolly Says:

    The author was completely stuck up.

  9. Lisa Says:

    And now I realise I really should be more selective in my reading habits.

  10. Rob Says:

    I empathized with the ‘horse’ character.

  11. L Says:

    Worst Christmas present ever.

  12. Eoin Says:

    Sorry, I’ve been away from the internet all day. The winners, predictably enough, were Darragh and Alma who (almost simultaneously) guessed “I couldn’t put it down”/”It was unputdownable…”

    Bonus prize to EK for “Well written and the plot was very adhesive…”

  13. Darragh Says:

    where’s my prize…BTW, there were plenty of sticky situations in it too.

  14. Eoin Says:

    Arrah, I’ll buy you a pint (under my breath: you miserable fucker.) When you Dublin again anyway?

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