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Absolutely nothing to add here. But, aesthetically, I really hate posting consecutive images without text. So I’m going to waffle a bit until I’ve generated two short paragraphs of meaningless text to break them up. My grandmother and her friends used to do this thing at wakes where they would freestyle for hours on end, riffing about different people they knew, and how they were all related to each other.

Do you know Seamie Lyons? I do, from Kilmovee, he’d be a first cousin of the Snees would he? That’s right, is there one of the Snees, now that I think of it, married to a guard out in Glann? There is, yeah, and that fella has an uncle on his mother’s side would be on of the Neachtans from Culnacleha, a quantity surveyor. Do you know? I do. They have a son a priest in America, don’t they? What’s this his name is again? And so on, ad infinitum. Thank you.

June 3rd, 2010.

17 Responses to “This is Funny”

  1. Colin Says:

    Course Al and Tipper will be a lot less eco-friendly now that they’ll be living in seperate houses etc.

    Wonder who also gets to live in the far from eco-friendly 9 million dollar house they bought recently?

    Damn, I hate them both…

  2. Fat Tony Says:

    Cool groovy morning fine Tipper Gore was a friend of mineeeee…….

  3. massey Says:

    Your granny should have gone for a part in 8 Mile. She’d have kicked the shit out of Xzibit at his crew.

  4. Eoin Says:

    @ massey – She was offered a part but fell out with Marshall on the shoot. On an unrelated topic, has anyone seen Werner Herzog’s Bad Lieutenant? Xzibit is in it.

    Contrary to what I heard, it’s actually really good!

  5. Colin Says:

    @Eoin: Yeah, saw Bad Lieutenant. Nic Cage should do more crazy movies like this. Very funny in places too.

    He even threatens to kill a Granny in it, so the movie is relatable to yer chat and perhaps the actress has blood in Swinford.

  6. Eoin Says:

    That’s probably the best scene in the film. The iguanas are brilliant too.

  7. Dolly Says:

    Yeah, Bad Lieutenant rocks. First Nicholas Cage movie I’ve enjoyed since…… I’ll come back to you on that. Iguanas are hilarious too.

  8. georgia peaches Says:

    I saw it and it’s one of the greatest films of all time.Do you know when you’re reading a book and you look up and you go “check this out I Am Reading A Book” and maybe go into the toilet who knows read more probably.(?)well when I was watching this picture I was sitting at the computer going this is brilliant,theres a bit where hes driving a youngfella out to some house and my boy has nodded off and he takes a bit of cocaine-but your man sees and him and says no more.cage at this stage is after a freeman dyson dicing with death on the freeweay so he doesn’t give a flying fiddlers fuck what the youngfella thinks but hell hell mind him.
    the bollocks escapes anyway.that’s all neither here nor there so don’t be saying yr ruining the story man I like to watch the film from the start-remember you wouldn’t watch natural born killers because you missed about two seconds.It’s always a good idea to write with a vague idea of some plonker.anyway bad lieutenant brilliant altogether.
    I gave another friend of mine fitzcaraldo one time to watch here have this a good film won the prize in cannes the thing is he manages to cajole these Indians into lugging a boat up a mountain for him.needless to say fitzcaraldo is a desperate picture-some internet mog said it was like up the thing with balloons it is in my hole. Also I put on the start of fitzcaraldo IN THE HOUSE WHATS THIS,oh I got it in town there four euros very good picture.a new dvd player in the house.
    One time I travelled all the way up to dublin to watch mister lonely-they lost the reel in Scotland I went drinking in Dublin in that place down from the sunshine rooms on the other side of the liffey is it still there I wonder.the Dublin man and the kerry man always get on boy john player my favourite blood newspapers and rust wkd beautiful drink wkd stout and a southern comfort and lime im up for the film feastiavl yeah and they lost the reel oh hi Natalie,all the way from kerry I know I wasn’t going to drink at all.Pput on something there on the jukebox and quieten this goonah I will so.insidentally the fall is on the jukebox now in pubs you know the ones 60s 70s 80s 90s irish rock soft rock classical after hours them boyos its rubbish though so leave it off.hard business to play them,jukeboxes.lujon by henry mancini is good to lend a bit a dignity to proceedings feeling good a good one one life stand is not a bad song.anyway it was vindication for me and vindication fo!
    r cage.

  9. georgia peaches Says:

    needless to say it was only the start of fitzcaraldo i turned it off after the concert bit.probably went out.ive my own house.it was a new dvd playe,it was a dvd player.suffice to say we all know where thatended up.fitzcaraldo one star bad lieutenant several *s mister lonely 0* never got around to watching it because its out of synch on megavideo and looks a bit sh*t.and if its not outta synch georgia peaches.

  10. Eoin Says:

    Rest assured Dan, I doubt you spoiled the plot on too many people there. Spoiling the plot to Bad Lieutenant would be like spoiling the plot to the Big Lebowski. You have your work cut out for you!

    Re: Mister Lonely – long way to travel to watch a film that got such awful reviews, no?

  11. georgia peaches Says:

    sure it was the premier eoin and i thought it’d be brilliant,i used like that guy because the only two films i had ever actually liked before were goodfellas and crocodile dundee,and thats no word of a lie.it was all feeding into a conceit i had going on,nice to be excited about something like that then too acourse.(26 at this stage mind you),bad lieutenant made plenty sense to me too i dont know what was hard to figure out.they way cage goes to shake your mans hand then as well very good

  12. Eoin Says:

    Yeah, I’d heard someone talking about it on RTE and, the way she described it, I was expecting Synecdoche, New York or a David Lynch film or something.

    There were twists and turns in the plot – but not remotely difficult to follow. Well, except maybe a couple of scenes the very end… I don’t want to spoil that part for anyone.

  13. Darragh Says:

    iguana-camera scene is fuppin’ ace.

    I wonder if Herzog was actually telling the truth when he said he never saw Fererra’s original?

  14. Eoin Says:

    I’d assume so Darragh. The guy who wrote the script admits he saw the original, but the similarities are fairly slight.

  15. Lisa Says:

    You seen Hot Tub Time Machine yet?

  16. Eoin Says:

    I haven’t unfortunately. It’s hardly still showing I suppose, I’ll catch it on DVD!

  17. Lisa Says:

    Ah well sure it’s not as good as The Wire anyway!

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