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July 3rd, 2009.

27 Responses to “THIS MUST BE THE PLACE (NAIVE MELODY) (1983)”

  1. Matt Says:

    Amazing, amazing tune. Cheers!

  2. Seán Says:

    Excellent performance

  3. Eoin Says:

    Thanks Sean. It was really just a case of copying and pasting the video from YouTube, resizing it… Oh wait, you mean by the band? Yes, of course. Sorry. How embarrassing…

  4. Darragh Says:

    I dunno they sound a bit like Bell X1

  5. Eoin Says:

    Never actually listened to bellx1, darragh, but i have enough respect for youto know that you’re jokinh.

    Cheers also you took the heat off me after that YouTube joke that seem to have bombed. i dunno about you but i thought it killed

  6. Seán Says:

    I thought that new Bell X1 song was David Byrne to be honest. Eoin, that was a shite joke so now Im stealing your content

  7. Eoin Says:

    Right back atcha Sean. This, ladies and gentlemen, is an item I like to call ASSORTED LINKS, FUTURE OF JOURNALISM SPECIAL (which may or may not have been stolen from Sean’s blog):

    Valleywag liken influential judge Richard Posner’s proposal to ban linking online to banning wheels in order to save the horse industry. They have a point…
    [No they don’t – E.B.]

    The New York Times reader is launched, looking pretty spiffy. It’s a special adobe reader that automatically updates your paper and allows you to browse just like with a physical copy. Incorporate it into some kindle-esque device and they might be onto something…
    [No they’re not – E.B.]

    … but that doesnt mean anyone’ll pay for the content. About the only major publication that one hears is doing well is The Economist, with “correspondents who scamper… across backwaters and remote deserts, spraying assured advice along the way like so much confetti” saw its advertising revenue shoot up by 25% last year. The Atlantic profiles the newspaper…
    [I don’t think the Economist is a newspaper, Sean… tut, tut! – E.B.]

    Meanwhile, the Niemen Journalism Lab laud The Guardian’s recruitment of 20,000 online volunteers to sift through the parliamentary expenses data. Pretty interesting really – they got scooped by the Telegraph, who’d bought the information and had a team of professional journalists trawling it for a month. The Guardian paid £50 to rent some servers and let the nerds at it. Good thinking.
    [N.B. How’d you spend your share of the £50 Sean… hahahahahaha!]


  8. Seán Says:

    Okay Im sorry…

    Sorry youre such a jerk!

  9. Eoin Says:

    Well Sean, the jerk principle, insofar as I understand it, is that, by and large, it generally takes one… to know one.


  10. Seán Says:

    The day is lost.

  11. Eoin Says:

    Ah Sean, I thought we were only getting started…. Well if anyone else wants to start an online beef with me just drop me an email… I have a fair bit of time on my hands.

  12. Seán Says:

    I promised myself Id spend less time arguing on the internet.

    On a completely unrelated note, the Economist IS a newspaper

  13. Eoin Says:

    On a completely unrelated note, the Economist IS NOT a newspaper.
    Come on, haven’t you ever read it?

    According to Wikipedia:

    Type Weekly newsmagazine
    (in the UK, a registered newspaper)
    Format Magazine

    (a) This isn’t Britain and (b) yeah and, I suppose, if I bought a dog licence for my cat that would make my cat a dog?

    (I promised myself I’d spend *more* time arguing on the internet…)

  14. niamh Says:


  15. Seán Says:

    You’ve done it now. Economist mission statement ftw:

    First, why does it call itself a newspaper? Even when The Economist incorporated the Bankers’ Gazette and Railway Monitor from 1845 to 1932, it also described itself as “a political, literary and general newspaper”.

    It still does so because, in addition to offering analysis and opinion, it tries in each issue to cover the main events—business and political—of the week. It goes to press on Thursdays and, printed simultaneously in six countries, is available in most of the world’s main cities the following day or soon after.

    Result! Thought I slow-played that argument nicely.

  16. Eoin Says:

    Phhhh…. From the Eoin Butler mission statement:

    “First, why does Eoin call himself Ireland’s most athletic, attractive and virile man? Even when Eoin incorporated a lager and bacon sandwiches only diet from 2004-07, during which time he frequently wore socks with sandals and tried to light his farts in public, he still described himself as “a classically handsome man, a veritable Adonis”.

    Right well that definitely makes me Ireland’s sexiest man so. QED.

  17. El Kid Says:

    Oh dear, both utter nutjobs methinks.

  18. Seán Says:

    Bed now. Fun joust though. Ive learned a new interpretation of ‘classically handsome’ and you’ve learned the astonishing and little-known fact that the economist is a newspaper. Its a hit fact to break out in social situations when used well. You have to say it with just the right amount of superciliousness.

    That first one’s free

  19. Seán Says:

    El Kid, who are you and where do you live?

  20. Eoin Says:

    No, we’ve learned that the Economist calls itself a newspaper, Sean – not the same thing.

    Fox News calls itself Fair and Balanced – doesn’t make that so either.

    El Kid is a friend of mine (not that you’d guess it necessarily from some of the comments he leaves on here!) He lives in Dublin.

  21. Matt Says:

    The Economist is DEFINITELY a magazine

  22. Colin Says:

    David Byrne would be proud.

    “Naive Melody, refers to the structure of the song itself. The bass and guitar repeat the exact same phrase for the entire song.”

    Something of that reflected in the comments here.

    Oh, and The Economist is a news magazine. Specialised periodical that adheres to the “can’t wipe my ass” rules.

  23. Seán Says:

    Made a few calls eh Butler?? You and your cronies can join me at the economist.com comments section in one hour.

  24. Eoin Says:

    Haha Sean… only saw this now. Those guys not my cronies (well Colin is kind my crony, in the sense that he’s my friend, but its not liek he does my bidding or anything), just people who can see the TRUTH.

  25. Seán Says:

    Here Eoin just out of interest, do you link only to youtube videos and not mp3s because it’s legally wise, or because of laziness? Thanks

  26. Eoin Says:

    Incompetence Sean, pure technical incompetence

  27. Seán Says:

    Gotcha. I’ll blunder onwards so

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