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Tripping Along The Ledge


To the cyclist who yelled “Love the blog, Eoin”… and then cycled into a wall

Thank you. That was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. But I probably shouldn’t have laughed. I think you said “Love the blog, Eoin!” But it might have been “Love the bog, Eoin!” I can’t be 100% sure. It was late Sunday afternoon. I was crossing the street with some friends, near the Gravediggers pub in in Glasnevin. You flew past me, I finished crossing and when I looked back, you were off the bike on the far side of the road. Hope you’re alright. If you’re reading this, please tell us what the fuck happened at all!?

May 24th, 2010.

17 Responses to “To the cyclist who yelled “Love the blog, Eoin”… and then cycled into a wall”

  1. phil Says:

    He could have said You look like Phileas Fogg Eoin!!”

  2. Andy Says:

    And the gentleman Butler declined to go back and help?

    Or were you too busy pointing and laughing your head off with your friends?

  3. Lisa Says:

    Or possibly “lob the gob”?

  4. massey Says:

    “Dyou want to buy a dog Eoin!!”

  5. YankeeMick Says:

    I doubt it was a funny as the time you were feckered and had a go at driving some poor girls scooter, proceeded to crash it and then feigned injury so she wouldn’t be mad with you.

  6. Eoin Says:

    @ Phil – those mutton chops will be the ruination of me.

    @ everyone else – it was a man, by the way, not a woman. Don’t think j made that clear..

  7. gueuleton Says:

    Love The Fog Eoin – referencing the classic seventies horror film with Jamie Lee Curts??

  8. Eoin Says:

    It could well be any one of those. Come on cycling man, speak up. Don’t make a liar out of me!

  9. Andrew Says:

    I saw you once in the Trinity dining hall a few months back while I was having lunch with my grandad. I didn’t shout “love the blog” because I didn’t feel like explaining what blogging was to my grandad. A few minutes later he says out of nowhere “Twitter, that’s a bit like blogging but with more back and forth, isn’t it?”

  10. Eoin Says:

    I could easily write a Top 100 Stupidest Things My Father Ever Said About Technology. All time funniest was probably “I’ll say one thing for these paedophiles… They’re great with computers. Jesus, I can barely send an email!”

    The You-Had-To-Be-There moment was the time (circa 2004) he scoffed at me for buying a new laptop, saying these days it was all about iPods. I think they were both buzz words he’d picked up. I don’t think he had any idea what either actually did…

  11. Eoin Says:

    P.S. Andrew, having lunch there again tomorrow. If you could shout “Hey Eoin, love the blog!” and then either knock over a dish trolley or fall down a flight of stairs it would really make my day!

  12. Cyclist Says:

    Sensationalist! I didn’t fall, just had to re-adjust as I was cycling the wrong way down a one way street and there was a car coming. Kept cycling though sir, don’t think my foot even touched the ground. I shouted “Love the blog, keep it up!” Now, to slip back to just reading the blog..

  13. Eoin Says:

    @ Cyclist – ahh, when I looked back you were on the footpath on the far side of the road, completely stopped with your right foot on the ground and your right shoulder against the wall. I just assumed you’d cycled into it.

    Either way thanks a lot for the good wishes. Keeping it up as we speak!

  14. Jake Says:

    As the actress said to the bishop….

  15. Cyclist Says:

    Fair enough.. there may have been a bit of a stumble, only because I saw your omg famous mug though! kayp ‘er lit

    have you seen rap against rape??


  16. Eoin Says:

    @ Cyclist – Yes, I suspected that might have been it. I really shouldn’t leave the house. I’m a menace to the public.

    Re: Rap Against Rape. Believe it or not, I actually remember that. Simon Young rapping about sexual assault in his cheesy DJ voice. Wrong on a record-breaking number of levels…

  17. gueuleton Says:

    Rape Against Rape is all over Twitter now. You could have had the scoop Eoin!

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