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Tripping Along the Ledge: Still Vertical After All These Year

birthday party
Tripping Along the Ledge is one today. Now personally, I don’t celebrate birthdays. I consider them kinda effeminate. But this my website’s birthday we’re talking about. And a one-year-old website is kinda like a child. And well, fuck it, I can’t think of anything else to write about today. (Shit, the anniversary isn’t even really until Sunday!)

So what the hell… This was my first ever post (boring.) These are my most viewed posts of 2009 (funny.) This is a photograph you haven’t seen before that I guarantee will make you smile. And this a link to a video that will go to hilarious, pointless lengths to depress the shit out of you.

It might be appropriate at this point to thank all of you for visiting my site and leaving comments etc. over the last twelve months. But fuck it, I did all the work. The rest of you can go and shite. Yee-haw!

February 26th, 2010.

36 Responses to “Tripping Along the Ledge: Still Vertical After All These Year”

  1. massey Says:

    Congrats Butler nice to see all the top celebs have turned up for for ur bash. Tell Steve Staunton I said hi!! (second from right)

  2. albinicus Says:

    Ole! i’d sing happy birthday but the royalties are too much

  3. Eoin Says:

    @ Albinicus – thanks man. That ole means more than a happy birthday ever could.

    @ Massey – I’ve been telling him to go handy on the punch. Darlington are bottom of league two. But he keeps shouting “PARTY! PARTTTY!” in a Louth accent..

  4. massey Says:

    Go home Stan! Well at least u’ve still got 80s Maxi (second left) and 80s Tom Cruise (middle) to chat to

  5. Eoin Says:

    Okay that’s a celebrity lookalike for everyone bar third from right and far right. Any suggestions?

  6. Eoin Says:

    Also lest we forget, today is the pretend one year anniversary of this blog. To celebrate, Shane McGowan has finally released his long promised all-star Haiti single…


  7. Andrew Says:

    Nice one, Eoin. I had it in my head that you’d been in this game for years and that I was just really late in discovering this blog. Now I know that my blog is nearly a year older than yours I suddenly feel the patronise you disgustingly. Well done, lil’ fella, keep trying!!!

  8. Eoin Says:

    Ah gee, shucks, Mr Andrew… I’m just happy to be here!

  9. Andrew Says:

    The lad between Tom Cruise and Slow Stan is clearly Derek Mooney. He tagged along with Maxi.

  10. Eoin Says:

    I was gonna say former Republic of Ireland sub goalie Alan Kelly, but Derek Mooney it is then!

  11. Andrew Says:

    Yes, I think that was the other face I had in my head. I suppose it would make sense that he might have come with his old boss, but I choose to believe that the mystery lady on the far right whose name is on the tip of my tongue is Stan’s date. The playa.

  12. Eoin Says:

    Reckon the woman on the far right is Maxi’s identical twin sister Taxi. Or maybe I just have Maxi on the brain…

    On of my earliest memories is of my parents going out and getting a babysitting in who let us watch Maxi’s chart show on RTE1.

    The Madonna song Borderline was number one, but I remember thinking that Maxi was waay hotter than Madonna.

  13. Pauline Walnuts Says:

    Derek is wondering whose touching his ass. (‘Please let it be Tom, please let it be Tom’)

  14. Colin Says:

    Think it could well be a picture of Irish footballers. Massey had it right with Staunton. And you had it with Alan Kelly. And that has to be Niall Quinn, far left, with a sneaky nod of the head.

  15. Paddy Says:

    Tom is thinking Is there a couch somewhere I can jump on….I’ve never FELT AN ASS LIKE THIS BEFORE!!!!!!

  16. fintan mezz Says:

    @ Colin

    Thats only Niall Quinn if hes kneeling down!

  17. Colin Says:

    @Fintan Mezz: Good call, he’s standing beside the five man platform.

    He’s thinking of playing head the ball with the rest in the background.

  18. Eoin Says:

    Hmmm… I sorta envisaged the comments might focus more my fake anniversary… Congratulations Eoin… Good job Eoin… Have sex with my sister Eoin… No?

  19. Denise Says:

    Oh dear someone feeling unappreciated I think. Maybe this will cheer you up..


  20. Sarah Says:

    Is that not Niall Quinn giving Maxi the once over?

  21. Conal Says:

    Happy blogday!

  22. Eoin Says:

    @ Denise – hubba hubba!

    @ Sarah – well there are two schools of thought: Those who think it is Niall Quinn, and those who query why a 6’4″ man would get down on his knees at a party.

    Particularly when he seems so keen to look down Maxi’s dress. I though EK might be onto something with Michael Cera there myself.

  23. Eoin Says:

    @ Conal – Thanks! Now if all your aliases could come on and wish me the same, it’d start to look like I was getting some respect around here!

  24. Steven Says:

    Well done Eoin – here’s to the next 363 days!

    Steven (Not one of Conal’s aliases.)

  25. Eoin Says:

    Cheers Steven. I know, Conal’s aliases are always called Fluffington Crumblebum or something like that…

  26. Kate Says:

    congratulations! it’s been a fun year! looking forward to the next. Though, at the moment, my pea brain is struggling to reflect.

    I have the hiccups. coincidence? i blame you, Butler!

  27. Arnold George Dorsey Says:

    Fluffington Crumblebum, that’s definitely one for the list.

  28. Eoin Says:

    @ Kate – you’re probably wondering who this Steve Staunton. I suppose he’s kind of our equivalent to Hugh Jackman. He acts, he sings, he dances. He’s a triple threat.

  29. Johnny Bull Says:

    Happy Butsday!

  30. Sarah Says:

    Fair point.

  31. shane Says:

    And here I thought this blog had always been here, what with the gravitas and world-weariness and all..

    Happy birthday!

  32. Q Says:

    Re: Steve Staunton you forgot to mention he is also our philosopher king. Well done on the blogday Eoin. One suggestion – Coudl we have a where are they now on the legend that is Steve Appleton??

  33. Eoin Says:

    @ Shane – Gravitas? World weariness? Not around here, mate… On an unrelated note, how weary, stale, flat and unprofitable seem to me all the uses of this world. La la la…

    @ Q – Not the first person to suggest that. I’ll look into it this week. The drummer from his band sent me a Facebook message last year, I’ll see if I can dig it out!

  34. DD Says:

    Kudos Eoin on the completion of one year in the blog-osphere. Thats equal to seven dog years. Or something like that.

  35. Eoin Says:

    That’s what its felt like, DD.

  36. tad Says:

    Eoin: Hard 2 Blieve U’ve only bn doing this 4 a yr, since U Cm like such a natural at this. & I’m not sucking up either — I’ve bn blogging 3 months longer than U, so there!
    But seriously, thanx 4 all the great laffs. More please? — TAD.

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