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“Would you say that uncertified practitioners are dragging the entire soul-coaching profession into disrepute..?”

paula hughes
PAULA HUGHES: Ireland’s first certified Soul Coach.Read the rest of this interview here.

November 8th, 2009.

8 Responses to ““Would you say that uncertified practitioners are dragging the entire soul-coaching profession into disrepute..?””

  1. linda Says:

    Not a fan of the new age treatments then, Eoin? Pity. If you’d gone in with an open mind you might actually have learned something.

  2. El Kid Says:

    Yes, he could have found out if he was a moon beam or a dream stealer in a past life.

  3. Eoin Says:

    @ EK – Moonbeam, definite moonbeam.

  4. massey Says:

    “Are there any indiginous folk beliefs you don’t endorse?” LOL… harsh Butsy, harsh!

  5. MisterAdam Says:

    I read this on Saturday and I’ve been waiting for you to post it. First of all, it’s very funny – I literally laughed out loud. But something about the whole thing seems odd. Why write about this loon at all? How did something this sarcastic get into The Irish Times? Did this woman expect to be taken seriously? What did she think was going on?

  6. Eoin Says:

    Well you know me Adam, I’ve always been a truth seeker, a cosmic refugee in search of a spiritual home.

    Haha… maybe not. To be honest, she sent me an email and I just thought it might be interesting. That’s all!

  7. El Kid Says:

    I’m pretty sure he interviewed her for the same reason you interviewed this guy…


  8. Darragh Says:

    C’mon now souls, I want to see the feckin’ hunger in ‘yis. Yis grabbed the early initiative last week with that string of early morning prayer ritals but ye let yissersel’s down with that fuckin’ dog of an effort at the reiki. It’s JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH LADS.

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