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Tripping Along The Ledge


Yeah, if it’s okay with you Batman, I might get out at the traffic lights?

Batman: “Best put put 5c in the meter.”
Robin: “Come on Batman, no policeman’s going to give the Batmobile a ticket!”
Batman: “This money goes to building better roads. We all must do our part.”

Batman: “I know. Hieroglyphics self-taught are a chore, Robin. But it’s the only surefire way to unravel the secrets of the ancient mystics.”

Robin: “Where’d you get a live fish, Batman?”
Batman: “The true crimefighter always carries everything he needs in his utility belt, Robin.” Dick: “Awww, heck! What’s the use of learning French anyway?”
Bruce: “Dick, I’m surprised at you! Language is the key to world peace. If we all spoke each other’s tongues, perhaps the scourge of war would be ended forever.”
Dick: “Gosh, Bruce, yes. I’ll get these darn verbs if they kill me!”

Dick: “Wow! The rings of Saturn! This is sure some fun, Bruce.”
Bruce: “Astronomy is more than mere fun, Dick.”
Dick: “It is?”
Bruce: “Yes, it helps give us a sense of proportion. Reminds us how little we are, really. People tend to forget that sometimes.”

Dick Grayson: “What’s so important about Chopin?”
Bruce Wayne: “All music is important, Dick. It’s the universal language. One of our best hopes for the eventual realization of the brotherhood of man.”
Dick Grayson: “Gosh Bruce, yes, you’re right. I’ll practice harder from now on.”

Bruce: “Most Americans don’t realize what we owe to the ancient Incas. Very few appreciate they gave us the white potato and many varieties of Indian corn.”
Dick: “From now on, whenever I eat mashed potatos, I for one will think of the Incas.”

Batman: “The green button will turn the car a la escarda o a la drecia.”
Robin: “To the left or right. Threw in a little Spanish on me, huh, Batman?”
Batman: “One should always keep abreast of foreign tongues, Robin.”

Batman: “Robin, the Constitution provides that a man is innocent until proven guilty. And the Constitution is the cornerstone of our great nation. We must abide by it.”
Robin: “Gosh, when you put it that way…”

Batman: “Nobody wants war.”
Robin: “Gee, Batman. Belgravia’s such a small country. We’d beat them in a few hours.”
Batman: “Yes, and then we’d have to support them for years.”

Robin, about Catwoman: “Do you think she’ll kill Batgirl?”
Batman: “Or worse, Robin. Or worse.”

Batman: “Cattail Lane and Nine Lives Alley. The Grimalkin Novelty Company is on that corner.”
Robin: “Grimalkin? What kind of a name is that?”
Batman: “An obscure but nevertheless acceptable synonym for cat, Robin.”

Batman to Robin: “Stop fiddling with that atomic pile and come down here!”

Dick: “Gosh, botany is tough. I’ll never learn to recognize all these trees!”
Bruce: “Come come, Dick. Pine. Elm. Hickory, chestnut, maple. Part of our heritage is the lure of living things, the storybook of nature.”
Dick: “That’s true, Bruce. I’ll learn to read that book of nature yet!”

Batman: “That’s one trouble with dual identities, Robin. Dual responsibilities.”

Robin, looking at Batgirl: “You know something, Batman?”
Batman: “What’s that, Robin?”
Robin: “She looks very pretty when she’s asleep.”
Batman: “I thought you might eventually notice that. That single statement indicates to me the first oncoming thrust of manhood, old chum.”

Robin: “If we close our eyes, we can’t see anything.”
Batman: “A sound observation, Robin.”

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January 26th, 2010.

4 Responses to “Yeah, if it’s okay with you Batman, I might get out at the traffic lights?”

  1. Maupat Says:

    Classic. Always loved THAT Batman – “An obscure but nevertheless acceptable synonym for cat” – he really did have an endless fountain of knowledge and wisdom 😉

  2. Eoin Says:

    Don’t get me wrong Maupat, in small doses I’m sure he was a delight. But if I was Robin, give it a couple of weeks and I’d have taken my chances back at the orphanage…

  3. Chris Says:


  4. Colin Says:

    Batman talking with another Dick:

    Batman: He’s from Philadelphia.
    Dick Clark: How did you know?
    Batman: You dipped your diphthong. People from Philidelphia are known for that.

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