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You can’t hurry love?

THE LIGHTING IS soft. That’s the first thing you notice when you arrive downstairs at the Turk’s Head pub in Dublin city centre. If it were any softer, you might pull up a chair by one of those old flower pots and ask what she looks for in a relationship. The organisers of tonight’s speed dating event asked participants to assemble at 7.45pm sharp. I arrive at 7.49pm, so flustered I almost sign up for salsa dancing lessons by accident. But nothing actually happens until almost 9pm.

The ladies, by and large, have shown up in pairs. They sit awkwardly at the bar, fixing their hair and stealing furtive glances at the latest arrivals. The guys have almost all come alone. But as with any group of men, thrown together in any circumstances, anywhere in the world, we pick up the conversation almost without missing a beat. Robbie Keane to Celtic, huh? How’ll that pan out? Risky move on Spurs’ part. He scores goals, the boy scores goals… Read the rest of this article here.

February 15th, 2010.

5 Responses to “You can’t hurry love?”

  1. DD Says:

    Not to worry Eoin plenty more FISH in the sea. Yea you see what I did there?? No sorry wrong topic!

  2. fiona Says:

    I tried speed dating a couple of times and found it a lot like you say. Lots of girls looking to meet someone decent in a non-alcoholic environment and lots of pissed up lads just having a laugh. I would not recommend it to any of my single friends.

  3. Eoin Says:

    @ Fiona – based on my experience anyway, the women probably do get a bit of a raw deal. As far as the men went, I was probably on the more presentable end of the spectrum… And that’s fucking saying something.

    @ DD – very clever altogether

  4. Colin Says:

    @Fiona – If women want to meet men (or vice versa) in a non-alcohol situation probably better off taking an evening class in something that interests them. Wine tasting not included.

    @Eoin – Next time stick around for the final matches, and there will be a next time.

    Enjoyed the Don DeLillo analogy. Self depreciating and complimentary in equal measures.

  5. gueuleton Says:

    He’s no Underworld- maybe a Falling Man at best.

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