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Tripping Along The Ledge



reliques_02My phone is ringing. It’s Aidan. I might have guessed. “You know the way life isn’t fair..?” he asks. As opening gambits go, this is one of his better efforts. (The last time he rang with bad news, he said “You were never too fond of that coffee table, were you?”)

Immediately, my mind races through all sorts of horrific possibilities. Aidan has run over my dog. Aidan has impregnated my sister. Aidan has murdered my pregnant sister and run over my dog while making his getaway… It’s almost a relief when he coughs up the truth. Read the rest of this article.

July 22nd, 2009.


  1. Graham S. Says:

    Looks like the house from Charlie and Choc Factory!

  2. Knuckler Says:

    eoin. how do you feel about being propositioned online?

  3. Eoin Says:

    I feel upbeat about it Knuckler, positive, relishing the challenge… You are a woman, right?

  4. Knuckler Says:

    indeed. and unlike annmarie, i dont have a penis. would that be a problem?

  5. Eoin Says:

    No, that’s ideal. I’m just a bit concerned about the name, Knuckler. You don’t play ladies football by any chance?

  6. El Kid Says:

    Wow, careful there Butler…

  7. Knuckler Says:

    not since a dodgy shin injury saw me off the mayo ladies team in 97.

  8. Eoin Says:

    @ EK – she has a grand normal name on her email

    @ Knuckler – okay, you retired from ladies football in 1997. I gotta be honest, that’s not encouraging…

  9. Knuckler Says:

    Look Butler, I have all my own teeth and I know my way around a GAA pitch”

    What’s not to love?

  10. Jenny Says:

    Woah nelly, back up a second…. Who the fuck is annmarie??

  11. poppy Says:

    ladyboy extraordinaire, that’s who

  12. El Kid Says:

    @ Butler – You know another grand normal name? Catherine Nevin!

  13. Eoin Says:

    @ Jenny – http://tinyurl.com/ljsm7o

    @ E.K. – so you reckon she wants to marry me, live happily for forty years and then pay someone to kill me… I could live with that

  14. Knuckler Says:

    Marry you. Now that’s jumping the gun. All I was looking for was a sordid one night affair preceded by a packet of tayto and a glass of club orange. But if you want me to bring a knife along, I can arrange it. . Although I do hear the latest method of killing is head in the microwave. You’d get a front page story out of that one. Just written about, not by, you.

  15. Nancy Says:

    So, where is the actual proposal?

  16. Rob Says:

    Any chance of this turning into some of group thing?

    Could be fun.

  17. poppy Says:

    Sounds a little creepy. But then…Knuckler seems to have set the tone for that!!!

  18. Eoin Says:

    Eject… eject….

    @ rob – the tone, the tone… please!

    @ knuckles – ah, maybe we should just be friends

  19. Nancy Says:

    Oh dear, he even got your name wrong, doesn’t bode well Knuckler….

  20. poppy Says:

    I’m guessing the wedding’s off!!

  21. Eoin Says:

    The wedding is off, I’m afraid.

    See it’s just I’m after coming out another long-term, lewd web comments-based relationship with someone I’ve never met.

    So it’s not you Knuckler, it’s me…

  22. Eoin Says:

    P.S. Apologies for Knuckles thing earlier – iPhone in one hand, screaming infant in the other. Not an easy combo.

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