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Top 10 Things That Make Me Cringe So Bad I Want to Curl up in a Ball and Pretend They Don’t Exist

There are some things I don’t like. And there are some things I kinda hate. Then there’s a weird category of things that make me cringe so bad I want to curl up in a ball and pretend they don’t exist. (Kinda like the way your laptop, in a similar predicament, will default to a blue screen to prevent irreversible damage to system integrity.) Maybe I’m too sensitive, or maybe these are the most embarrassing phenomena known to man.

They are, in no particular order: Read the rest of this entry »

February 12th, 2010. 32 Comments »

Christ, I’m having that dream again…


February 12th, 2010. 2 Comments »

Nitelink 69N: a critical analysis

dublin-busThe sights, sounds and smells of late night urban transportation are all powerfully evoked by Nitelink 69N (Westmoreland Street, 2.45am). The dialogue is crisp and authentic, with some riveting individual performances extracted from a cast of veritable unknowns. Read the rest of this entry »

February 12th, 2010. 4 Comments »


Logorama, by the French art collective H5, has been nominated in the Best Animated Short category at the Oscars next month. Fucked if I know what the point is, but I suspect it may be that corporations are, like, really baaaad. Any better guesses anyone? Part two is here.

February 11th, 2010. 1 Comment »

True Romance

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. I’ve got a piece about something or other in the Irish Times on Saturday (I’ve almost succeeded in forgetting now). In the mean time though, here’s the most unashamedly romantic thing I’ve ever written, the most unabashedly unromantic thing I’ve ever written and the greatest love song ever recorded. Read the rest of this entry »

February 11th, 2010. 4 Comments »

The man was a midget… midget… midget…

“Y’all want more Trapped in the Closet?” R. Kelly asked his followers on Twitter the other day. “I need to know if this is what you guys want from me…” The R&B singer has already served up 22 installments of his “incalculably bizarre” urban hip-(soap)-hopera Trapped in the Closet. And the good news is that, after a three year break, episodes 23-27 are now ready to drop this spring. Read the rest of this entry »

February 11th, 2010. 3 Comments »

Miscellaneous Amusing Items I’ve Come Across #26

Only just noticed this today: it’s illegal to loiter at Luas stops. Jesus Christ, you can’t hardly win, can you?

February 10th, 2010. 7 Comments »

I (won’t be) your private dancer, dancer for money etc. etc.

Received an interesting phone call last Friday afternoon. A club owner I know, a good guy, got in touch to let me know that he’s started putting on a regular burlesque show. “There’s been a real upsurge in the number of male burlesque performers lately,” he said. “And, well, you can probably see where I’m going with this…” Read the rest of this entry »

February 10th, 2010. 12 Comments »

Move it on Over (1947)

Seven years later, the fat country music hack Bill Haley supposedly ‘invented’ rock and roll with a song whose chord structure was lifted almost verbatim from this one – Rock Around the Clock.

February 9th, 2010. 3 Comments »

Miscellaneous Amusing Items I’ve Come Across #25

Looking back, it wasn’t too difficult to pinpoint the precise moment at which Mohammed and Ahmed first began to suspect their commanding officer had it in for them…

February 9th, 2010. 3 Comments »