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Go Speed Dater, Go

Went speed dating the other night. Came home, sat up for 12 hours straight and wrote a 1,500 word feature on it for Valentine’s Day issue of Irish Times magazine. Then slept pretty much 24 hours. Did all of this, incidentally, while in the throes of the most severe vomiting and going-to-the-bathroom-more-frequently-than-I-would-wish bug I have ever endured. I’ve had this thing since Monday morning and was terrified that, since I picked my niece Lola up from the creche on Monday afternoon, I might have passed it on to her. Now it looks more likely that she picked it up from one of the other kids there and passed it on to me when I picked her Friday. Stupid, disease-ridden babies – some day I will have my revenge on all of you!

Anyway, non-stop vomiting notwithstanding, I almost found love Tuesday night. I swear to God. But I had it snatched from my grasp in the cruelest fashion imaginable. (I also bumped into Biffo on the way home.) I’ll post the story on here when it comes out. In the mean time, I’m going for another nap. Goodnight!

P.S. At the height of my fever, I was retching into the toilet, having not eaten anything in 48 hours… and guess what fucking song was stuck in my head. I-I-I… I lay my heart down on yo flo-o-o-r…

February 4th, 2010.

8 Responses to “Go Speed Dater, Go”

  1. Colin Says:

    Fingers crossed that you also passed the bug to all the women that shot you down.

    I’ll hire some local band to do a cheesy tribute song with appropriate video should you pass. “He could not hold his food but he will hold our hearts forever”. Speed Jazz Funk, of course.

    (Hope Lola is feeling fine)

  2. Paddy Says:

    You almost found love Butler. Did those interfering RSPCA bastards put the kibosh on it again?

  3. Eoin Says:

    Could be Paddy, could be. You’ll have to wait till the 13th to find out.

  4. Kringelbert Fishtybuns Says:

    That photograph… fine pair of shtalks aside… if you were sitting there talking and she was scribbling notes, you’d have to start fucking with her spelling ability

  5. Eoin Says:

    The Saudi air has fairly fortified the auld Mayo accent there, Kingelbert… How’d you mean spelling ability??

  6. DD Says:

    That picture is Dublin? I’ve been away a long, long time

  7. han shan Says:

    No way

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