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Beware the Jacket!

Stephen Gately's jacket2
While researching my review of Boyzone’s comeback single (yes, sometimes I do research!), I came across this rather rather odd Wiki-fact about the late Stephen Gately:

On one visit to a hospital he met a child who fell in love with his jacket—Gately allowed her to have it; she was dead within the hour.

On the subject of the single, incidentally: That the Boyz wish to pay (slightly mawkish) tribute to their tragic friend and band-mate is understandable. That they have chosen, however, to do so through the medium of reggae-lite? Fuckin’ righteous, mon…

(Thanks to Colin for the tech support, by the way!)

February 2nd, 2010.

21 Responses to “Beware the Jacket!”

  1. padraig Says:

    If Christ had a bike he’d be on it.

  2. Darragh Says:

    my sister and I heard this on the radio on our way to work t’other morning. Her immediate reaction was “woah, is that the UB40s backwards?”
    My immediate reaction was a mental double check I hadn’t drank a full bottle of Benelyn tickly cough the night before.

  3. Eoin Says:

    UB40 is definitely the touchstone here. I just wish they’d gone the whole hog and done the accents too!

  4. Colin Says:

    It’s the kind of sentence you read a few times, also it’s a fact inserted after mentioning his own death. A wiki special.

    Looking at the video, they have recreated the feeling of walking in on a grieving family that is strange to you and all the awkwardness that comes with it. “Oh, I didn’t know him at all… but sorry for your loss.”

    Song is simple and respectful till the organ kicks in, then it just feels weird.

    (No bother btw, simple job)

  5. Eoin Says:

    I gotta give props to Keith Duffy (@0:45) for not being able to act, even when he surely doesn’t have to act.

  6. alison Says:

    Are they having a seance @ 2.29??

  7. Eoin Says:

    @ Alison – or a really weird game of cards..


    Christ, just went to pick up my laundry there and I was humming that song in the queue.

  8. Chris Says:

    I was listening to the beginning of it thinking yeah its alright then Bang! Reggae organ! Love to Jah!

  9. Chris Says:

    And when I say alright I mean mediocore pop rubbish.

  10. Chris Says:

    And when I say alright I mean mediocre pop rubbish.

  11. Eoin Says:

    If you like the song Chris, there’s no shame in admitting it

  12. Denise Says:

    Confused-how does Steven Gately appear on his own tribute single??

  13. Eoin Says:

    @ Denise – it was recorded in 2007, but Mika (who wrote it) wouldn’t let them release it as he thought their version was too cheesy.

    After Gately died, he relented and allowed them release it as a tribute.

  14. Denise Says:

    Ok, I think that makes sense. Its not that bad a track. There seriously giving UB40 a run for their money!!

  15. Go Speed Dater, Go | Tripping Along The Ledge Says:

    […] into the toilet, having not eaten anything in 48 hours… and guess what fucking song was stuck in my head. I-I-I… I lay my heart down on yo flo-o-o-r… February 4th, […]

  16. Lauren Says:

    There used to be something on Mikey Graham’s Wiki page that said something along the lines of him having an argument with some bloke that involved “a bag of oranges and a snooker club. They never spoke again.” But it’s been edited out! Damn. Wish I’d saved it.

  17. Eoin Says:

    All time greatest (Irish music-related) Wiki-hack I ever saw was Gavin Friday’s a few years ago, in which it said he had lobbied the Irish government to change the names of all the days of the week to Friday in his honour… amongst other things!

  18. stevethomas Says:

    I love that your definition of “research” is checking Wikipedia. Rock on, Eoin. Rock on!

  19. Eoin Says:

    @ ST – hey, if Woodward and Bernstein were alive today (well they are, but…) I’m sure they’d use Wikipedia too

  20. Zingelbert Bambledack Says:

    @ST: ah fair is fair, there is an effort to importance ratio to be considered here, if Eoin was investigating the arrest of Fianna Fail staffers breaking into the Travellers Friend to steal Enda Kenny’s facebook password then I’m sure he’d be in a basement carpark somewhere getting a manilla portfolio from John “Greensleeves” Gormley at this very minute

  21. Colin Says:

    @Zingelbert Bambledack – I have passed this information on to the Daily Mail as a “reliable insider source”.

    Have however protected the identity of Greensleeves. Know you would want me to respect the privacy of those that use pseudonyms.

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