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About the blog awards

I have no idea who nominated me for an award at the Irish Blog Awards, which take place in Belfast tonight. I don’t know much about the awards, except that I am nominated in the same catagory as David McWilliams, Jim Carroll and Donald Clarke. So obviously, I am extremely flattered.

I’m not deluded enough to think I have any chance of winning. But whoever nominated me, and for whatever reason, I’m sure it wasn’t for thinking things but not saying them. So here are my two cents. Read the rest of this entry »

I’m a bit surprised to be referred to as “you people”… Isn’t that rather condescending?

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1. For the first time in its history, golf is briefly fun.
2. European horse owners must sign a pledge not to eat their pets — or face up to two years in jail.
3. Irish people at least preferable to racist English, posits speaker at anti-xenophobia rally.

Published: Irish Times, March 6 2010

I’m a bit surprised to be referred to as “you people”… Isn’t that kind of condescending?

mat fraser - Copy
Star of Channel 4’s Cast-Offs, his one man show From Freak to Clique comes to Dublin this month.

When you walk out in front of an audience for the first time, how do you break the ice?
Well, obviously, I was born with phocomelia. That’s glaringly obvious and people want to know about it. So I deal with that straight away. You can’t lampoon others if you’re not willing to lampoon yourself. Read the rest of this entry »