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Beware the Jacket!

Stephen Gately's jacket2
While researching my review of Boyzone’s comeback single (yes, sometimes I do research!), I came across this rather rather odd Wiki-fact about the late Stephen Gately:

On one visit to a hospital he met a child who fell in love with his jacket—Gately allowed her to have it; she was dead within the hour.

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backpage_shanelynch1The All-Ireland Talent Show… ha! Apologies to those of you who keep up to date with these sorts of things. I don’t really watch television, so I only found out about this today.

It used to be said that irony died the day Henry Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. If that’s the case, then its corpse was exhumed, resuscitated and clubbed to death again the day Shane Lynch was asked to judge a talent contest.