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The Pokemon Directive

Back in Ballyhaunis – and broadband (hurrah!) – for the weekend. Finally, catching up on last week’s De Niro-starring episode of SNL. It was patchy as these things are, but I did really enjoy the host’s turn as Robert Ludlum-esque thriller writer Harlan Kane. The full, ever-more-ridiculously titled bibilography in full after the jump: Read the rest of this entry »

Faith Alive

1. Muslim man accidentally divorces his wife on Skype.

2. Overcompensating Polish Catholics erect hundred foot Jesus statue.

3. Christopher Hitchens on Mother Teresa. Read the rest of this entry »

Faith Alive

one true religion
1. Out of control Amish teen in low-speed horse and buggy rampage.

2. Christopher Hitchens takes a charitable view of Mel Gibson’s recent transgressions.(Yeah, he does in his hole…)

3. Arab found guilty of rape after having consensual sex with Jew. Read the rest of this entry »

Does Vanity Fair even know it has a heterosexual male readership? Does it care?

Drogba Ronaldo
It’s one of the finest monthly magazines in the English language. Certainly, it’s the only one to keep me occupied through return transatlantic flights. But even at the best of times, I doubt many straight men would feel 100% comfortable being seen reading Vanity Fair in public. It doesn’t matter how mature, well adjusted and secure in your own masculinity you are. Sooner or later you’re going to find yourself weighing the quality of the journalism against how gay the cover is likely to make you look on the Luas. Read the rest of this entry »


Only fair since I gave ole Papa Ratzi a platform below. Part two of the above is here.


1. Frog that changes colour worshiped as god in India.
2. Veil-wearing Muslim teaching assistant strikes blow for religious freedom on BBC News 24.
3. What ever can it mean? Image of the Virgin Mary found on air conditioner in Texas.
4. Holy Spirit possesses American teenager, inspires her to speak in tongues. Also, turns on webcam and thoughtfully uploads video results to YouTube.
5. String him up! Christopher Hitchens on the human condition: Read the rest of this entry »