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Tripping Along The Ledge


Get well soon, Ollie!

Tripping Along The Ledge offers its most sincere best wishes to singer-songwriter Ollie Higgins, who was involved in a serious accident earlier this week. I know many of you will remember Ollie’s band the Kill City Snowmen, who were big favourites at the Sound Cellar and Baggot Inn back in the day.

Legends of Irish rock, the Snowmen were tipped in Smiley Bolger’s annual Ones To Watch list a record-breaking five times (1987, ‘88, ‘90, ‘91 and ‘93!) One of the industry’s true gentlemen, Ollie fell fifty feet onto concrete while attempting to rescue a kitten from a tree. Read the rest of this entry »


Tripping Along the Ledge joins with the entire Irish music industry family in extending our best wishes to popular singer-songwriter Ollie Higgins, who finds himself behind bars tonight – incarcerated (he says) for a crime he didn’t commit.

The veteran musician, who appeared in Smiley Bolger’s annual ‘ones to watch’ list a record-breaking six times (1987, ’88, ’90, ’91 and ’93), was arrested outside Walton’s World of Music in Dublin this afternoon in connection with the theft of some guitar strings and a plectrum.

Now the former Kill City Snowmen drummer is appealing to fans for their assistance in tracking down a one-armed-man he says he saw fleeing the scene at about the time of the alleged incident. Read the rest of this entry »


As those of you infused with the righteous fervor of lunatic fringe Evangelical Christianity will already be aware, there are seven signs that warn of the coming of the apocalypse: terrorism, loss of faith, the proliferation of nuclear weapons, the return of the Jewish people to the Holy Land, the rise of the Antichrist, the construction of a New Jerusalem and, finally, the rehabilitation of Timmy Mallet as a legitimate fashion icon. Read the rest of this entry »