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This is funny

What did Jim Corr say when he was framed on knacker drinking charges? This is a “false flagon” operation.

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February 15th, 2011.

8 Responses to “This is funny”

  1. GreenRover232 Says:

    Nothing is wrong with a citizen that has concerns toward his nation and it’s people. Any idea is welcomed as long as it is in deed in favor of a better future and sustainable public policies. I salute Jim for his courage and full confidence. Too bad for those who can not calculate the present economic situation and therefore have no answer for future policy solutions.

  2. hplaserjet2001 Says:

    Stand your ground and speak the truth Jim.

    Government shills are idiots.

    911 was an inside job to bring in the USA Patriot Act, get the USA into Afghanistan and the fraudulent Iraq war and much more.

    Our (Canadian and US) soldiers are being used by the drug cartels (biggest is CIA) to protect the poppy fields.

    Iraq is saturated in USA depleted uranium bombs.

    Bankers make vast sums lending money to both sides in war.

    War is big business.

  3. timeaification Says:

    9/11 was a conspiracy a government cover up. the official ”pancake collapse” theory /explanation is absolutly impossible. INSIDE FUCKING JOB. You can see Air Force One in the sky above new york on 9/11 HELLO!!!! thats where cheney was giving the orders from and thats where the detonation buttons were pushed. Truth now rock on jim

  4. albinicus Says:

    Eoin be careful where you tread. Meet me at the docks and I’ll fill you in on the TRUTH!!!!!

  5. Eoin Says:

    Shh… You’ve already said too much!

  6. dar Says:

    Where the fuck are mmuy and Strong Opinions 1973 to lend their informed opinions to a few whacked-out conspiracy theories? They had a lot to say about a Nat King Cole song and meeting people in chippers.

  7. Mark Says:

    Pubs are an inside job.

    Or is it too late now for an alternate punchline?

  8. Eoin Says:

    @ dar – mmuy and Strong Opinions 1973 are the same person. They live in Tipperary (I think) and are presumably taking a long rest now.

    @ Mark – never too late for alternative punchline!

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